May 23

Online songlist

I finally put my songlist online thanks to some coding by Adam Roamer. You can access it with the menu above or with this link. I still have to change this WordPress theme to something that is easy to read on a phone. It’s a chore now, I know.

Apr 09


In case it isn’t clear, I bought my karaoke music, and continue to buy songs from reputable vendors. I maintain my own equipment and song books. I am not endorsed by, affiliated with or sponsored by SoundChoice or Chartbuster. There should be no confusion, and I can’t imagine there ever was.

Dec 12

Long time…

This is literally the longest I have ever gone without updating the songbooks I use for karaoke. I printed that list in January 2016. Now it’s December, longest they have stayed the same in my 13 years running karaoke shows.

There’s a few reasons. First, I am constantly busy with karaoke, which means books get ruined fast. I’ve printed the same song list so many times, to avoid the “are all the books the same?” and “it wasn’t in the other book” complaints at shows. There’s also the fact that many online stores have decided to pay attention to the fact that karaoke tracks are not legally licensed to sell as individual downloads in America, so I’ve had to get creative in the ways I buy music, ways that still pay the folks who produce it and hopefully pay some licensing to record labels/songwriters. So, yeah, I’ve only added 80 or 90 new songs in the last 10 months.

New additions are listed here

There’s now a couple of books with these new songs out at my shows, but I’m trying something different. I’m having them printed and spiral bound. I can throw those away and not feel as guilty about it as I do when there’s mold growing inside the clear sleeves in binders, which take about an hour each to assemble. They cost a little more, but I think updating incrementally is a better way to do it. We’ll see if it works.

Jun 16

up to date

I just added Burn’s Alley to the schedule. Been there on Wednesday nights since April. Ooops.

Jan 13

New Books, New Schedule

I threw away the songbooks and made new ones. All my songs, including 50 new ones, are in there. I fixed some typos. There’s still some doubles I missed, but I think I got em looking much better.

Also, I’m no longer at Mellow Mushroom on Wednesdays. Management was very weird about it and I had to go in on my night off to find out I wasn’t working there anymore. It’s awkward, but I loved the people who work there and hung out to sing on Wednesdays. I owe most of them shots next time I see them. Let me know if you have any ideas for what I should do on Wednesdays from now on: or 843-345-3406.

Oh, and someone is working on getting my songlist searchable online. I’ll have it here as soon as he’s done with it. Thanks for being patient.

Nov 19

Website Update

I’ve learned that people actually do look here for info about my karaoke nights. I was under the impression that most people found my karaoke gigs through facebook. I apologize for the lack of updates and the ridiculous header scroll that is too fast to read. I’m working on an update to the whole site, hopefully by the end of the year.

I need to include prop/costume building and events somewhere because lately that has been taking up more of my time than karaoke anyway. I know a lot of people have asked where that info can be found, well soon, it will be here.

Feb 13

New Songs

I’ve updated the books with the newest additions, 102 of them!

Feb 13

October Event

I’ve got a busy month ahead of me. Almost every Saturday in October I’m doing stuff with the 501st Legion (Star Wars Stormtroopers). This weekend it’s Star Wars Reads Day at the Charleston County Library (Main Branch on Calhoun St downtown) from noon-4pm. Next week is the Friends of the Library Book Sale at the Omar Shrine Auditorium at Patriot’s Point from 10am-3pm. October 19th is the 2nd Take Flight Comic Book Sale at the Sparrow (I might be the only trooper there).

I’ve also got work this month. I’m doing a house party the night of the 19th and I’m gonna be running sound for Carnivalesque at Skinful on the 26th. I’ll have tickets to sell for that really soon. Please buy them from me because that’s how I’ll get paid for being the most sober person there.

Sep 24

Crawdaddy’s Con

I know I say it in every post, but I don’t update here enough. Tomorrow, Sept 24th, it’s Crawdaddy’s Con! I know it’s a dumb name, but that’s what they told me to call it. It’s basically karaoke with a nerdy costume contest. $100 each for the best costumes in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comic Books… sexy and scary are for Halloween, this is nerdy costumes only!

Aug 26


I’m going to Dragon Con in Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. While I’m gone, I’ve got people covering my gigs at Local 616 on Thursday (now we have karaoke there every week!) and The Upper Deck. I should be back in town in time for karaoke at Big Gun on Labor Day (Monday). My priority for the week I’m back is making a couple of new karaoke tracks and updating the books with the list of what I’ve bought the last couple of months.

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