Feb 13

New Songs

I’ve updated the books with the newest additions, 102 of them!

Feb 13

October Event

I’ve got a busy month ahead of me. Almost every Saturday in October I’m doing stuff with the 501st Legion (Star Wars Stormtroopers). This weekend it’s Star Wars Reads Day at the Charleston County Library (Main Branch on Calhoun St downtown) from noon-4pm. Next week is the Friends of the Library Book Sale at the Omar Shrine Auditorium at Patriot’s Point from 10am-3pm. October 19th is the 2nd Take Flight Comic Book Sale at the Sparrow (I might be the only trooper there).

I’ve also got work this month. I’m doing a house party the night of the 19th and I’m gonna be running sound for Carnivalesque at Skinful on the 26th. I’ll have tickets to sell for that really soon. Please buy them from me because that’s how I’ll get paid for being the most sober person there.

Sep 24

Crawdaddy’s Con

I know I say it in every post, but I don’t update here enough. Tomorrow, Sept 24th, it’s Crawdaddy’s Con! I know it’s a dumb name, but that’s what they told me to call it. It’s basically karaoke with a nerdy costume contest. $100 each for the best costumes in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comic Books… sexy and scary are for Halloween, this is nerdy costumes only!

Aug 26


I’m going to Dragon Con in Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. While I’m gone, I’ve got people covering my gigs at Local 616 on Thursday (now we have karaoke there every week!) and The Upper Deck. I should be back in town in time for karaoke at Big Gun on Labor Day (Monday). My priority for the week I’m back is making a couple of new karaoke tracks and updating the books with the list of what I’ve bought the last couple of months.

Aug 02

More songs

Hey guys, still adding new karaoke songs all the time. Click “New Songlist Additions” above to see what’s new. It’s hard to motivate myself to print new lists for the books when I know you guys are gonna spill beer in them or just tear out pages for no reason. I’ll do it eventually.

Jul 09


Keeping busy with the karaoke schedule, so I haven’t posted much. I was told on Saturday, that I needed to update the songs on the website. Well, I’ve only got 34 new songs since the last time I printed lists for the books, but now they’re online!

May 08


I’ve been procrastinating on updating the “new songs” in the books for 2 reason. First, I haven’t gotten a lot of new stuff. You guys just haven’t been asking for things lately and my friends who make their own karaoke tracks haven’t been putting stuff out as regularly.

Secondly, I need to replace the books completely because the people handling them have been spilling so much on them and leaving them sitting in puddles of booze on the tables. I threw one away last week because there was mold growing on half of the pages. I need to throw away a couple more. Making new books is a long process and it’s not cheap. I just made these in September. I usually like to get 2-3 years out of them. I don’t know why people have been so much more clumsy with them or just disinterested in their condition. I hope that changes, but it’s hard to want to spend my time and money on something that’s going to be treated so badly.

Either way, there’s 90-something new songs on the “new songs” page here. I’ll try to get that in the books this weekend and reprint the whole thing in a week or two.

Mar 20

Schedule update

I’m back at Big John’s after 4 months of them being closed for renovations. See me there every Tuesday for karaoke. I’ll have Thursday night gigs to post soon, too.

Star Wars Day is gonna be celebrated on May 3rd, so it’s gonna be Star Wars Day Eve. We’re doing it at The Sparrow again. One band, The Spazmatics will play all night (nerdy 80’s covers). We’ve still got a cool set piece for photos and a costume contest. Also stick around til midnight for a toast to the Empire’s victory over the planet Alderaan!

Sep 08

New books

Last year (July I believe), I reprinted all of my books. I re-used some of the clear sheet pockets and most of the binders. You guys trashed them. I’m throwing them away and putting together new ones. I combined all the “new songs” pages from the front, so it’s all together. I bought new binders and new sheet protectors. Please stop ruining these! It’s time consuming and expensive to make new ones and I don’t think you guys absolutely have to spill beer all over them to choose a song.

Jul 30

News-ish updates

My weekly karaoke schedule is now up-to-date. I’ve got 6 nights a week right now, so not a lot of fun evening activities for me outside of karaoke. I’m really enjoying the new gigs at Big John’s (Tuesdays) and Upstairs at Joe Pasta (Thursdays). They both feel like old gigs. I did karaoke for 6 months at Big John’s in 2005, and that’s the first place I ever spoke to a karaoke host about the possibility of doing it myself. Over at Joe Pasta, we’ve got bartender Kat and manager Jimbo from my 2 year run at the Rock Lounge in West Ashley. I also used to hang out at that venue a lot ten years ago, so it feels familiar.

You’ll find my new songlist up-to-date as of today (who knows if I’ll have to buy more songs tonight) by clicking the link up there below the title graphic (or this one). There’s 39 new songs. I like to wait til I’ve got 100 or so to print a new list to put in the front of the books. The books are getting pretty bad. They’re worn, old, and no amount of cleaning is gonna get that old beer smell off of them. I might put off printingĀ  a new additions list for another month or so and just redo the whole book in September or October. We’ll see how fast the “new songs” list grows. If anyone wants something to sing (besides Grease or Rocky Horror) let me know. There’s a link over on the right side of the page to Tricerasoft. That’s where I buy most of my songs.

ewok01On a completely different topic, I am now officially TB11110 of the 501st Legion: Vader’s Fist. Yep, I think that makes me a canon expanded universe Star Wars character. If you see the 501st anywhere in South Carolina, chances are, I’m one of the Biker Scouts. I’ll be dropping in on the Charleston Children’s Museum Friday morning with 2 Tie Pilots, a Sand Trooper and a Death Star Gunner from 11am-1pm. Star Wars night at the River Dogs is Sunday, August 11th. I’ll have to leave early to make it to Upper Deck in time to set up karaoke, but I should be on the field when one of troops throws out the first pitch.

I’ll be at Dragon Con, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. I might march in the parade with the 501st, but I think I’d rather march with Cobra’s Finest if they’ll let me. I gotta get on that soon. If you’re going to be there and wanna hang out, it’s the closest I get to having a vacation and probably one of the only times you’ll get to see me really drunk. Justin Mackie will be covering my karaoke gigs at Finz and Upper Deck that weekend, and I’ll be back for karaoke at Big Gun on Labor Day.

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