Jan 13

New Books, New Schedule

I threw away the songbooks and made new ones. All my songs, including 50 new ones, are in there. I fixed some typos. There’s still some doubles I missed, but I think I got em looking much better.

Also, I’m no longer at Mellow Mushroom on Wednesdays. Management was very weird about it and I had to go in on my night off to find out I wasn’t working there anymore. It’s awkward, but I loved the people who work there and hung out to sing on Wednesdays. I owe most of them shots next time I see them. Let me know if you have any ideas for what I should do on Wednesdays from now on: chris@negativeeleven.com or 843-345-3406.

Oh, and someone is working on getting my songlist searchable online. I’ll have it here as soon as he’s done with it. Thanks for being patient.