You’ve found the home of Karaoke Chris, Charleston, SC’s favorite karaoke host.  I provide karaoke/dj entertainment that is uniquely fun.  I can entertain any crowd, and I do my best to cater to anyone who I feel is there to have a good time.  I run karaoke shows for “the regulars,” the folks who attend the same bar and sing with the same friends, get to know the staff, and aren’t there for competition or bragging rights.  I also do private events, but I would always rather work with repeat singers, learning their tastes and tailoring my show to them.

My karaoke songbooks contain all the usual favorites (mostly from the highest quality karaoke producers), but I also worked very hard (and continue to work) to aquire homemade, rare, and custom karaoke tracks that you’re not going to find anywhere else.  When asked to get a particular song, if I know my regulars will enjoy it, I will do my best to track it down.

As for equipment and execution, I have high standards for sound quality, but at the same time, I do my best to achieve those standards with the simplest and most effective setup. From a small living room party, to a banquet hall, I can adjust my setup to adequately fit any room. A lot of karaoke hosts fail to remember that every singer is different, and every song is too.  There’s always adjustments to be made.  I know how I would feel singing karaoke with a host who didn’t care to listen, and I want my singers to know that I’m paying attention to every detail of their songs. I don’t take breaks. I don’t step outside to smoke.  I rarely leave my setup for more than 2 minutes at a time. I always do my best to keep the lineup moving in a way that entertains both singers and observers without disturbing those who aren’t there for either.

Contact Info:
email – chris@negativeeleven.com
phone – 843-345-3406